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Supporting Communication at Home

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Choose 1-2 activities for your child to try,

and 1-2 strategies for you to use. Have fun!

Your child can:

o Retell a story or book

o Tell about a favorite experience

o Call a family member and share about his/her day

o Interview family members about their favorite things

o Review a movie or game

o Tell about what he/she did yesterday

o Describe a picture (in a book, that they’ve drawn, etc.)

o Make and describe a shopping list

o Give directions to a favorite place

o Explain how to do something

o Create and/or perform a song, rap, or poem

o Go on a scavenger hunt at home (describe items to find, talk about where they found the items)

Parents and caregivers can:

o Provide models of the speaking task

o Expand on what your child says (by adding a word or sentence)

o Give wait time- allow your child time to figure out what to say

o Provide choices when your child needs help thinking of a word or idea

o Ask open-ended questions (where, what, when, who, why, how) instead of yes/no questions

o Celebrate your child’s communication efforts!

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